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    Keen Discernment

    "[SagaciousThink] supported Analytic Engineering's effort on seed funding proposals from its inception, review and even editing the proposal.  [SagaciousThink] advised on business strategies, technical insights and sanity checks." - Nisar Shaikh, Analytic Engineering

    "LouAnn directly supported my efforts to strategically manage technology initiates and usher them through a rigorous governance process.  LouAnn embodied a terrific balance of rigorous adherence to protocol, flexible approaches where appropriate and a deep interest in understanding the underlying business drivers." - Paul Lockwood, Pricewaterhouse Coopers

    "I had the pleasure to work with LouAnn on coordination of a summit during which a build of the upfront work was done virtually, in email communication.  Before I'd ever met her in-person, I knew LouAnn was a go-to person I could rely on to make things happen, and give me the information I needed.  Her organization, professionalism and constant command of the situation in managing the project make her an invaluable resource.  I would highly recommend LouAnn not only as someone who can manage many (seemingly impossible) tasks simultaneously, but also someone who proved an interesting source of industry resources, insight and information.  I welcome the opportunity to work with LouAnn again and recommend her highly as a true professional." - Lori Keenan, SmartThinking PR

    sagacious |səˈgāSHəs|


    having or showing keen mental discernment and good judgment

    ORIGIN early 17th century: from Latin sagaxsagac - ‘wise’ + -ious.

    SagaciousThink, LLC adds value by positively influencing companies' financial health through increased operational efficiency.  We recognized that with even the best laid plans, nothing will succeed without accounting for the people factor and so change management is core to our work.  Our broad geographical and industry experience gives us the ability to spot trends and opportunities because we are not entrenched in our thinking.

    Our clients see results and a clearly defined path to achieving their goals.

    We work with:

    • Entrepreneurs
    • Executives of small companies
    • Leaders of mid-market firms
    • Division heads of large enterprises 

    What we do:

    Companies seek us out when they are expanding and want to achieve sustained growth.  We work with companies on: 

    • Expanding be it across town or across the globe
    • Need pre M&A planning for a successful union or post M&A assistance to integrate the organizations 
    • Improved operational efficiency - business process management
    • Program/project management and PMO implementation 
    • Market and competitive analysis
    • Business development

    If your company needs consultative or interim management assistance to achieve its goals, please contact us to discuss how we may contribute to your growth.



    We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and work globally.