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Business Expansions



Partner with SagaciousThink when expanding geographicly


SagaciousThink addresses the operational needs of companies expanding beyond their borders.  For first timers, there are many factors to consider otherwise the experience ranges from less than pleasant to downright devastating.

First, it will cost you more and take longer than expected.

Second doing business in another country is not the same as conducting business at home.

Third you probably will not consider everything, but we'll help you come close.

One of the tools we use is the STEEPLED Analysis to gain an understanding of the proposed locations and how they may differ from what the company is accustomed to.  


 We do not claim to have all the answers, but we do have access to talented and knowledgeable experts around the globe that we bring in to assist your company in having as smooth and stress free experience as possible.

We can also support your organization as it grows by offering interim operations support to facilitate the transition and adoption of the new new team.  We make sure operations continue to expand while key hires are made.  We provide change management and integration support to improve the changes for success.


Our services include:

Market and Competitor Assessment: Often times companies select international locations for reasons that do not create the biggest ROI such as we'll expand to England because they speak English there.  Maybe a good reason, however they do not practice law as we do in the States, nor do their HR rules necessarily align, and the same could be said of their tax.  If a company makes too many assumptions, leadership will soon be focused on putting out fires rather than growth.

The same can be said of understanding the competition and ease if doing business.  Sometimes national barriers may exist to catch the unprepared. Or conversely, trade agreements, or other opportunities may be leveraged.

Lumped into this analysis is a hefty dose of risk review so companies can enter a new market with confidence. 

Change Management: Once a company establishes a presence in a new location, just how does that look?  How does that group interact with the rest of the company?  How autonomous are they?  How does leadership ensure they share the values and culture of the home office?

We bring our team dynamics and understanding of culture and work with leadership to begin building a strong presence.