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SagaciousThink addresses business needs by providing the hard earned experience of operational executives who have grown organizations and can advise and lead. We share our experiences and knowledge to help a company's leadership answer: 

  • How do we prepare ourself for growth?
  • How do we translate our strategy into tactics that allow us to achieve our goals? 
  • We're merging with another company, what should we do to ensure the best outcome?
  • How do we replicate our success?
  • How do we know if we are on track or need a course correction?
  • What must we do to achive our critical milestones and satisfy our diverse stakeholders?
  • Are our resources appropriately applied to work functions; is this the best ROI that can be expected? 
  • What risks must be addressed immediately, and how will they be managed?

Companies need rigor balanced with the flexibility to adapt their structure to their unique situations.  What organizations often lack is either the internal knowledge or resources to develop the critical groundwork so that growth proceeds as anticipated.


Our services include:

Business Process Management: Sometimes companies expand too fast, or make changes so that existing processes are not efficiently applied. We assist companies in optimizing processes, removing extra work and maximizing the use of existing resources.

Change Management: A growing and developing company must ensure that customer service is not impacted by behind the scenes adjustments, and that the intended improvements meet expectations.

Develop and Refine Metrics: Companies sometimes do not have the means to track progress, and can operate at sub par levels?  How does a company realize progress towards its goals, changes in the market, or impacts to the organization without the ability to measure them?  We help companies answer these questions.

Global Knowledge: We help clients understand how they are impacted by events elsewhere in the world.

Interim Management: We provide interim expert resources to supplement existing capacity, fill a gap while a permanent employee can be found, or to offer a fresh perspective.

Project/Program Management: We tackle challenging projects and work within an organization to develop and implement project management and a PMOs.

Risk Management: Companies can create a competitive advantage managing risk better than their competition and capitalizing on opportunities that arise.  We can help firms gain this edge.

We are located in San Francisco and work globally.  For more information on how we will help your company achieve its goals, please contact us. We want to hear from you.