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Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, SagaciousThink, LLC works with clients from across the globe. We delve into the interchange of processes and people and remove complexity and identify gaps. At the same time, we ensure stakeholders have the information, training, and the abilities needed to succeed. As a result, organizations are more resilient and dynamic. We implement sticky good ideas (aka best practices) that companies build upon to move forward with the confidence that they have a solid foundation for growth. 

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We offer our clients

Global Expansion strategy

At some point a company realizes that their domestic market is not sufficient to achieve their desired goals. They must determine how and where they will expand internationally.


We work with company leadership to identify and define their strategy goals, and then expand our efforts with the organizations to translate and communicate those goals into actions. We ensure all parts of the company align to execute on the goals by helping to identify impediments to execution and opportunities to leverage and deliver on the goals of the organization.



business process RE-ENGINEERING

No manager has ever claimed (or admitted) they want to make it as challenging as possible for their employees to do their work; yet that is the outcome of many well intended initiatives.

We help companies improve their employees' experience, and reduce friction which translates into an improved customer experience. We optimize and simplify processes, gain buy in and advocates at every level, and ensure that all stakeholder get the training and tools they need for success. 

change management

Change management extends far beyond communication. In fact, that is the last activity we consider. We start by identifying and understanding what is changing; an answer often more nuanced, than a simple system upgrade. We look at what impact the initiative has across systems, processes, individuals at all levels of the organizations and in various capacity.

We work with the client to execute on a plan to optimize ROI for the change in question, be it a system implementation, a pilot of a new product, or uniting people and cultures post M&A.

Post M&A Preparation

We reduce buyers' remorse. An M&A is a huge undertaking chock-full of expectations that often go unmet such as the ROI that justified the M&A.

We work with clients to realize that return faster by reducing friction as the two companies find their footing as they seek to operate as one.

Interim operations leadership

Sometimes companies need temporary operational leadership while they look for a more permanent solution. We support organizations by ensuring operations continue as the transition to the new management team is smooth.

Leadership transitions can be turbulent times, and we smooth the way by ensuring continuity and a sustained focus on operations.



Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.
— Henry Ford


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