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Change Management

Constant Change

Change Management Work We Do

Good change management stretches beyond communications, and takes a deep dive into the stakeholders, impacted processes, systems and people. A holistic view is required, and we often uncover other issues that when addressed further increase the company's ROI on their investment. When a company considers corporate transformation for events such as an enterprise system implementation or M&A, IPO or other financial restructuring, we help ensure the anticipated value is realized.

Photo credit: Maarten Van de Heuvel

Photo credit: Maarten Van de Heuvel

Enterprise Initiatives

Complexity has a bad habit of creeping up on organizations: work arounds become habit, and quick fixes the norm. All of these approaches get increasingly expensive over time. We remove the friction, creating opportunities, improved employee engagement, and quicker time to execute.

Our clients measure the results through improved client satisfaction scores, fewer help desks calls, greater self-sufficiency, reduced turnover, and improved employee engagement.

Photo credit: Kimon Martiz

Photo credit: Kimon Martiz

Post M&A

Here's where the rubber meets the road. Companies must hit the ground running and ensure they have a solid strategy and tactics to ensure that both the acquirer and the acquired company areproductive from the beginning. We work with leadership to ensure  people, processes, systems work together. 

We've ensured a positive first day experiences leading to productive relationships going forward. We've improved processes and established structure to capture the gains that were anticipated.

Photo credit: Jamie Street

Photo credit: Jamie Street

Pilot programs

We work with companies that are piloting their products to their customers. The product might be great, but sometimes a nudge is required to boost adoption such as engagement across divisions, or show what the new product could mean to productivity, or recommendations of updates to processes to increase the success of the new product, and justify the ROI.

We increase the stickiness of the product and ramp up its appeal.

Real change management extends beyond communications to impacted stakeholders. Change initiatives that stop there fail. We take a holistic approach with a through assessment of stakeholders, systems, processes, and people to determine how they retouched by the change, and what they need to succeed in the new reality.


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