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We frequently participate on panels and speak at events mostly related to global expansion, leadership and entrepreneurship/small business. Here are some examples.

Inside Ateneo de Manila University's Innovation Center

Inside Ateneo de Manila University's Innovation Center

Metro Manila, Phillipines

Our founder, LouAnn Conner, shared a Silicon Valley perspective on entrepreneurship to 100+ engineering and business students and faculty at Ateneo de Manila University in Quezon City, Phillipines. She was lucky to be given a private tour of the University's Innovation Center where she tools and technology that covered a variety of fields but what struck her most were the solutions to help societies recover faster when natural disaster strikes, and during that period doing more with less. For some that is the definition of innovation and LouAnn was excited to see it in action.

San Francisco

LouAnn Conner had the pleasure of moderating a panel on the Landscape of Fundraising for Start Ups in Silicon Valley for her alma mater, The Johns Hopkins University. The panel included:

  • Matt Cheney, CEO of Clear Path Ventures, LLC
  • Cathy Chiu, Founding Partner of Opero Partners and a member of the Berkeley Angel Network
  • Paul Matteucci, Operating Partner at USVP
  • Dr. Robert Mittendorf, VP of NVP
  • Petter Bennett, CEO of Greenville Global

A lively discussion ensured covering a variety of industries and best practices start ups can do to increase their odds. The panel also went out of their way to set realistic expectations of what companies could expect going into the fundraising process.


Johns Hopkins Entrepreneur Panel

Johns Hopkins Entrepreneur Panel


San Francisco, California

Our founder, LouAnn Conner, spoke at the San Francisco Chapter of Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) on the opportunities and challenges of international expansion. She provided insights into what a company should consider given the impact of such factors as culture, politics, time zones, and logistics can have on international strategy and expansion, along with some timely lessons learned of companies that tried but did not achieve their goals.

Other Venues

Golden Gate University's Small Business Programs - ongoing

The Fundraising Landscape for Startups: Advice from the Top (May 17, 2014)

Colombian Start Ups In Silicon Valley - Panelist and Judge of Start Up Pitches (November 12, 2012)

Are You Ready to Do Business in Brazil? (June 22, 2011 Panel for ACG of San Francisco, Global Opportunities)


Australia's Anthill Magazine (where ideas and business meet) - Risk is for Wimps: Planning for the Inevitable


Comparison of the STEEPL Strategy Methodology and the Department of Defense's PMESII-PT Methodology (