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When our clients are aiming for the stars, we support them through:

Global Expansion

Some companies are globally focused from the beginning, other enterprises fall into global expansion serendipitously, and others out of necessity, either because their domestic market  is too small or they are following their existing customers. All are entering new territory where the challenges and risks are greater if only because there's the known unknowns, but now there's a lot more unknown unknowns that leaders must contend with.

We can help. We've not only worked with countries around the globe, we've worked around the globe. In addition to our expertise we have a broad network of experts that we can tap to address the specifically challenges that arise based upon the combination of dynamic variables based upon a company's unique makeup and its target market.

Some of the projects we've worked on include validation and improving go-to-market strategy, operational set-up, business development, new market pilot execution, and interim operational management.  

Enterprise System Implementation

We cut our teeth on large projects ranging from construction of telecom networks across the globe to NASA programs, to global HRIS for Fortune 100 companies.

We're adept at identifying the scope, aligning stakeholders to goals, and ensuring that not only does the system deliver as intending but the people and processes have adopted to realize its potential. 

governance review

Good corporate governance is critical for business sustainability so that all stakeholders from employees, to lenders are confident that a company is acting in their best interests in and a way they understand and can rely upon.

Ideally companies insert good governance practices early in their lifecycle. However sometimes, a review of practices is required to ensure that governance practices have kept current with the needs of the organization and the dynamic world in which it operates.

We audit your governance processes and systems  and identify gaps and solutions, and what's working well. We'll help you implement a governance program that suites your organizational needs. 

Change Management

Change is constant if it is anything. We ensure companies get off on the right foot by incorporating change management or leadership into their organization, and incorporate it so that when system upgrades happen, re-organizations are required, major initiatives are mandated, or process improvements are implemented, the anticipated results align to leaderships expectations.  

interim operations support

Outside operational support makes sense when:

  • When companies are stretching to their limits, but they know that the pressure is time bound.
  • When there is a change in operational leadership and the new leader has not been identified.  
  • When big changes are happening, perhaps a cultural shift and having input from a "neutral" perspective.
  • A company recognizes an internal knowledge or skills gap. 

With our operational expertise and broad industry perspective we bring our pattern recognition of challenges and opportunities along with innovative and proven ideas from industries and leaders that can provide an edge. 

Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; its about deliberately choosing to be different.
— Michael Porter

business strategy

We work with leaders to identify and validate their approach layout the goals, strategy, objectives and tactics in a way that makes sense across the company.

We work with leadership to establish their goals and strategy aligning them with their strengths. We identify gaps and explore potential opportunities. Once the goals and strategy are determined we work with the company to break down the effort into manageable projects, identify required resources and ensure that interim milestones are called out, and progress tracking is in place.

business process engineering

As companies scale what perviously came easily gets increasingly challenging to deliver, especially without processes and procedures in place.

We've had clients struggle to replicate what made them successful because they resisted "becoming corporate." Only after we identified and formalized processes could they measure progress and ensure the quality that brought them their initial success.

Often clients have ongoing functions but notice that employee satisfaction is dropping, deliverables are taking longer to execute, and quality may be slipping. We look at the processes in place and identify gaps, redundant work, or other friction points that once removed improve morale and reduce time and cost.  

Employee training + Tools

Leaders must ensure their employees are trained on the changes they implement such as new systems or processes. If the employees are not given the training or tools required to perform the job and continue to do so post system "go live". Whatever benefits anticipated by the changes will not be realized.

SagaciousThink assesses the information/training needs and works with our learning experts to develop and implement the solution whether it is in person training, webinars, system information, or real time tools, or some combination that employees can use when they next access the system. We measure adoption and customize our approach to maximize the value of the effort because every organization and individual is unique.

BUSINESS Plan validation

We've validated business plans from thousands of startups across a variety of industries and countries. We've prepared companies for pitching to investors and other key stakeholders such as enterprise clients and helped them secure those critical meetings.

We review the plans both from an experienced executive perspective and with a view of what an investor or lender must see to be confident that this startup is worth the time and effort. 

We know what information each stakeholder requires and so we identify  gaps and missteps before the business plans are delivered. We prepare the founders for questions top of mind for the investor, banker or business partner so they can understand their mindset and answer the questions with confidence.  

All components of the hierarchy are addressed in our consulting methodology.

All components of the hierarchy are addressed in our consulting methodology.

All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.
— Michael John Boback